Best 10+ Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs ( As a Beginner)

Let me guess you want to find freelance writing jobs? At first glance, it sounds like a great career, doesn’t it? You can work from home, set your own schedule and do something you’re really passionate about.

As someone with plenty of freelance writing experience, I know the key problems when starting out. Mainly, you don’t know how to get any freelance writing jobs!

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With no jobs, you have no way of making money or advancing your career. So, I will help you by showing you 10+ ways to find a freelance job as a beginner:

Check out freelance writer job boards

Best 10+ Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

I would say this is a great way to find beginner freelance writer jobs. Job boards are set up so employers can post different adverts looking for writers. Some excellent boards include Upwork,, and Problogger. Sign yourself up, then start responding to listings that appeal to you the most. The beauty of job boards is that you can apply for as many jobs as you like, increasing the likelihood that someone will pick you up.

Contact people directly

The first and most daunting way of finding freelance writing jobs online is by contacting people and companies directly. Do some research and identify various businesses or bloggers who might need some help. Write an email and send it to everyone, telling them that you’re a keen freelance writer who’s ready to help them out by providing the content. This is called a cold pitch, and it can result in some initial jobs. They might not be the most well-paid, but it’s an excellent place to start.

Use social media

Follow some of the job boards on social media, and you can receive instant updates when new jobs are posted. Also, type different keywords into social media sites and view the #freelancejobs hashtag. This can help you find companies that are looking for new freelance writers but might not post jobs on job boards.

Join online groups

Head to Facebook and look for online freelance writer groups. Here, you can be a member of a community where fellow freelancers help each other out. It’s a smart way to find job opportunities and network with lots of other writers.

Create a website

All freelancers need to have a website – consider this the unwritten rule of freelance writing! With a website, you can advertise yourself to the world. This is one of my top freelance tips for beginners, so ensure you create a fully functional website. Then, upload your own content, and people can find your site and see what you have to offer. It’s a good way of inactively trying to get people to contact you. Focus on your SEO to boost your search ranking visibility, improving the chances that employers visit your site.

Promote your website

It’s possible to find work as a freelance writer without needing to spend that much money. But, as the old saying goes, you’ve got to spend money to make money. As such, one idea is to pay to promote your website through Google. This way, it will appear high up on the Google search pages, making you stand out. By doing this, you can attract even more traffic to your site and find more clients.

Take up guest blogging

I understand that you want to jump straight in and earn loads of money online. However, as a beginner, you must appreciate that this is almost impossible. There are more established writers out there than people will choose over you because they’ve proven their worth.

So, search for guest blogging opportunities to build up some respect. You’ll write for free, but you can get your content out there to a wider audience. From here, the sites you guest write for might want to make your position a paid one. Or, their audience can read your content, fall in love with it, and contact you for a paid job.

Share your content

Turn to social media once more to share your existing content. Write blog posts for your site, then share them online using hashtags to attract outsider attention. Make it clear that you’re available for hire, and you may be stunned by the response.

Ask around

A simple yet surprisingly effective method of finding freelance work. Ask your friends and family, ask your followers on Twitter/Instagram, and you might receive some useful information. Even if it’s just more voluntary work, then it’s still better than nothing.

Try LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another type of online job board that can be very useful. Create your profile and make sure you upload pieces of your work for people to see. Then, search for jobs using the keyword ‘writer’ and see what you find.

Try Craigslist

Not a popular site for freelance work, but you can definitely find some job opportunities here. Just search for relevant freelance writing jobs near you, and you’ll be amazed at the potential clients your find. If Craigslist doesn’t exist where you live, then try out other alternatives – like Gumtree.

Find a content agency

Content agencies will find work for you, but they take a portion of your pay. It’s a bit of a compromise, but beginner freelance writers will benefit in the long run. Use an agency to get your foot in the door, then go solo and earn more money.

Look through a directory

A bit old school, but it can work. Look through an online directory and see if there are any businesses in your area that could benefit from a freelance writer. Marketing agencies are good shouts, just make sure they’re local. You want local companies because they’re smaller and more likely to take you on. From here, you can pitch your ideas and sell yourself to them.

Ask for referrals

If you find some work or manage to get a guest posting gig, then always ask for referrals. From here, people can refer you to others, which may help you find more freelance writing work.

So, there you have it; 10+ Best ways to find freelance writing jobs for beginners. If you need help getting started as a freelancer or want some coaching and advice, then feel free to contact me today and I’ll tell you more about my various services.

Best 10+ Ways to Find Freelance Writing Jobs ( As a Beginner)

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