Power Words Definition with Meaning

Power Words definition

The “Power Words“, these are words that often evoke positive or negative sentiment. Can attract your attention, but not only: they have the strength to arouse an emotion in you, often without you realizing it. Titles with Power Word (plural power words) have a strong emotional feeling (positive or negative) and tend to receive more clicks.

What does power word mean?

Power Words are proven and truthful words used by content writing marketing, professional copywriters to increase click conversion.

Power – Meaning

The Power:

Power, Authority, Capacity, Might, Influence Strength, Potency, Might, Input, Puissance and Sway.

The Energy:

Energy, Power, Spirit, Verve, Pep and Activity.

The Strength:

Force, Strength, Power, Might, Dint and Muscle.

The Current:

Current, Power, Stream, Flow, Tide and Drift.

The Capacity:

Capacity, Ability, Capability, Power, Capacitance and Competence.

The Electricity:

Electricity and Power.

The Authorities:

Authority, Power, Control, Lordship, Mastership and Dominion.


Operate, Drive, Actuate, Power, Apply and Move.

Word – Meaning

The Word:

Word, Speech, Say and Promise.

The Term:

Term, End, Time, Limit, Word and Date.

The Voice:

Voice, Entry, Item, Word, Rumor, and Say.

The News:

News, Information, Report, Word, Piece of News and Advice.

The Order:

Order, Orders, Command, Sequence, Tidy and Word.

The Control:

Command, Control, Drive, Lead, Leadership and Word.

Power Words Definition with Meaning

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