What are Homophones? Examples & Definition

Table of Contents What are Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs?How to define homophones?Commonly Confused HomophonesHomographs and HomonymsWhen to Use HomophonesHow to define homographs? What are Homophones, Homonyms and Homographs? People usually use language refreshers while raising their child as an influential writer or reader to make it easy for them to understand the language. But in […]

What Are Subordinating Conjunctions? List And Examples

Table of Contents What are Subordinating Conjunctions?List of Subordinate ConjunctionsHow to Use Subordinating ConjunctionsThose that Show a ReasonThose that Show Importance of Place and TimeThose that show conditionsHow to Punctuate Subordinate Conjunctions What are Subordinating Conjunctions? Subordinating Conjunctions are linking or connecting words that assist in joining a group of sentences, phrases, or words into […]

The Best Hosting to Create a Freelance Writing Site

You need a website? As a freelance writing professional, you must have a well-designed site (not just an online portfolio). It is a fantastic resource for attracting high-quality clients, developing an online presence, and increasing your income.  Table of Contents The 4 Best Hosting for Freelance Writing Site1.  Wix2. WordPress3. BlueHost4. SiteGroud5. Consistency and branding your […]

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