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Basics learn blogging the guide is to take one of these decisions into account: Which is the most effective blogging platform I should use? While several blogging platforms can be obtained below, we tend to take a look at some of the significant common platforms to help you create the most effective call. Which is the most effective blogging platform?

Whereas there are various blogging platforms obtainable below, we tend to take a glance at a number of the foremost common platforms to assist you in creating the most effective call. Thus what’s the most effective Blogging Platform? WordPress.com Price: Free WordPress.com stores your site’s content without charge on its servers. However, this implies users receive a restricted version of the WordPress computer code.

WordPress plan free

You want to promote a business, want a perfect outlet for your creativity, or simply create your or someone’s portfolio. You may want to know – how to create a blog?

You can use a blog to sell, promote, educate, and even inform, but only when you are clear on your objective from the beginning. We are sure that you have already figured out the purpose of your new blog. Meanwhile, let’s see a few of the most common reasons behind creating and enjoying a blog:

1. To improve thinking and writing skills

2. To improve self-confidence

3. To create a network in an industry with others

4. To earn money

5. To become famous as a thought leader

Learn blogging basics beginner’s guide

In this post, we can tell you the whole lot you want to recognize a blog and how to create your own. Once you have your blog, you can even start earning profit with it. Let us begin by summarizing the meaning and definition of the blog.

What is a blog?

Blogs are websites that are regularly updated along with new content, publish frequently and regularly. The tone of the blogs vary; for instance, some blogs attract readers with a conversational and informal style of writing. On the other hand, blogs aimed at serious readers will have a formal and severe tone, mostly depending on facts and statistics. You should always try to understand the industry you want to contribute in and decide the best sound for your content. The objective should be clear before you start writing as the flow of material will depend on it.

Why should you start your blog?

When you think about it, you’ll understand that starting your blog can be very easy, and one of the most accessible options to start your own business. Further, you can establish yourself as an expert on a specific topic or industry and gain followers. The best part of starting your blog is that you do not have to be professional. In fact, not being licensed can be a good thing as, like your readers, most people look for conversational and relatable content that they can relate to and connect. In addition to that, you can start your blog anytime you want to regardless of the experience level you have!

What can you do with a blog? Make money online?

As a new trend, we have already witnessed many people turning away from the typical 9 am to 5 pm desk jobs. Instead, they started pursuing something that they are good at. Blogging has been one of the most popular options recently among people as it is profitable and involves meager expenses. Bloggers just need to research thoroughly and write content that can attract a lot of people. A blogger can earn more with more visitors. The best part is that bloggers can make from their content every year.

Grow your brand or business

If you have a brand or business already, and you are hoping that to grow, then Blogging is absolutely one of the most effective ways to get more online customers. Blogging will cost you lesser as compared to other advertising methods. You can attract many new customers almost every day with your content. Further, once you start to grow and build your brand or business with blogs, you will realize that your users will start sharing your blogs too, which will attract more users.

Tell your story

Your blogs will be your platform where you can showcase your experience and expertise. Most people start a blog to share their expert opinion and take on specific topics with more people. To make them more interactive, many people use images and a friendly tone. You can reach out to thousands of people through your blogs. They can be the perfect tool for you to share your journey, the lessons you learned, your challenges, and how you solved them, and many more.

How to create your blog?

So far, we have discussed how your blog can be used to create a portfolio or promote your brand or business. Further, you can earn money and at the same time, establish yourself as a thought leader. Now that you know what you can do with a blog, you must be thinking about starting a blog! Luckily, starting your blog is not very complicated. You can create your free blog using WordPress in just six easy steps. Let’s take a look.

Step 1: Choose your topic

Before starting your blog, you must decide what your blog will focus on. Although the thought of tackling multiple topics can be tempting, it will be more comfortable and smart to start with just one issue or area. You can choose an area or subject that you are expert in or at least have a piece of useful knowledge.

That way, you can start small and work on the overall tone and flow of your blog site. Gradually, you can begin talking about related topics and create a bridge between the previous and the new ones. On the other hand, if you start with multiple issues, there is a higher chance that you will end up overwhelming yourself and risk losing the flow.

Step 2: Get an account

Now that you have an objective in place, and you have decided what would be the focus area of your blog, it’s time to create an account on WordPress. As a beginner, WordPress is the best option for you for various reasons. It is faster than the necessary HTML code, WordPress also offers thousands of kinds of templates that you can choose from, and you will have full control over your blogs. Creating an account with WordPress is easy. Visit WordPress.com and select “Get Started.” You will get a few prompts that you will have to fill, and once you fill them, you will have your new account.

Step 3: Claim the domain name

You should always remember that your readers will only visit your website when they know what they are going to get. Users always search with relevant keywords, and then they would see every search result, and then whichever link they think will have an appropriate and attractive topic, they will visit that. As for you, based on your selected item, you will have to pick the domain. It will tell the readers what they are going to get on your blog. You will have two options; You can go with a custom domain that you can get registered, and there is no need to mention WordPress in it.

Step 4: Customization of the design

There are a lot of themes that you can choose from on WordPress. Select a topic that will not just look good, but also go well with the tone of the blog and give it a desired feel as well. You can also choose from a wide range of fonts, get your own custom-designed menu, specify the color scheme, and have your own personalized header image uploaded. You have to think of the design of the blog as that carefully will add appeal to your blog. However, you don’t have to stress yourself so much and be extra cautious. If you are not settled on your blog’s visual aspects initially, you can again adjust the design later too.

Step 5: Create unique content

The quality of a blog matters a lot. You can lure a user once, but he or she will only stay longer if the content is exciting and of high quality. Experts say that the quality of the blog matters because users look for the extra information that they don’t get on the other blogs. One of the smartest methods to live beforehand of your competitor blogs is to get unique intelligence and use them to make your blog unique. You should research a lot before writing. You should also check the sources and then use them to create an engaging narrative. Remember, to create unique blogs, you don’t require private information always, your blog should have the capability to keep the readers hooked, and your writing skills will play a significant role in that. Therefore, don’t invest time in just researches, but also focus on making your blogs more engaging.

Step 6: Publicize

Once you get your blog published, your actual work will start. Almost every blogger has one primary objective, and that is to reach as many users as possible. Even for getting your blog out and then ensuring that it reaches a large number of people is crucial. Therefore, as soon as you publish, you will have to start promoting the blog posts on various social media platforms. You should try other mediums as well.


Through this learn basics blogging guide, thanks to WordPress, you can create your blog and start publishing in very little time. As soon as you learn to create your own blog, you will begin learning a few new things, too, for example, how to properly using subheads or how to make your blog posts more interactive.

Learn Blogging – Free Guide Blogging for Beginners

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