How to Get the Permalink of a Facebook Post

A quick introduction to permalinks. They are a handy feature of modern text. The link contains the details of any individual blog post, and its primary function is to point you in an instant to any blog entry by simply clicking on it. By not utilising them is considered bad etiquette and detrimental not only to the post but your blog as a whole. Because visitors are not going search very long for a specific post. And as a result, they might leave after a few minutes and never come back again.

So as you add new entries on your site and not adding links to them, older ones are pushed to the bottom, and priority is given to newer entries, making it difficult for visitors to find what they’re looking for.

Let’s see how you can get a permalink that was published on Facebook. So you want to share or use a post you saw on Facebook, but there’s one roadblock, how do you get hold of its permalink. Well, that process is as easy as going to the date of the post found on the top right corner, hover the cursor over it, and voila, there you have it.

Right-click on the date and scroll down to copy the link address. Done.

Now you will be able to apply the link to whatever you want.

How to get my Facebook URL?

permalink facebook post

Your Facebook URL is your unique social media identification. And the way you discover that is easy. If you’re on your desktop or laptop, go to Facebook. Enter your details and log in. Move to the right and click on your name. Copy the Facebook URL. Open another tab and copy it there. You should now see your unique Facebook URL.

If you’re on your mobile device the process is as follows, open Facebook, navigate to the profile page, click on more, copy the profile link, open another tab, and copy it there.

How to create links on Facebook?

Links are another useful feature to include in your texts. And because it is an expander to introduce you to more supporting content, it will add an element of engagement, intrigue, and be much more informative than if it was standalone. It’s almost like a bonus to introduce you to more related posts, articles, videos, or images that further explains the topic you’re reading.

How you create a link on Facebook is you go to your profile. Copy and paste a post on your status. Copy and paste a URL from your site or blog under the post. When you’re finished pasting the link, then you need to delete it again. Rename whatever title that content contains in the link. Hit post. Done.


As you can see, links are a mainstay of the Internet. Without them, navigation on any website would be a nightmare, and make finding what you’re looking for almost impossible. So whatever you do include them. Your blog’s livelihood depends on it. And not only that, it is in your best interest to make them part of your blogging family. They will only serve you well.

How to Get the Permalink of a Facebook Post

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