5+ Easy Steps How to Write Your First Blog Post (Good Ideas for 2020)

How to write your first blog post with a Bang, but you don’t have a good idea what to do? Today it’s easy to advertise your writing through blogs. Write creative and useful blog posts with a direct and safe way to write your blog post always.

Maybe you think because blogging seems so random that you can post whatever you want and you’re not too worried. If nothing else, at least it will roll the ball for you. Well, you can post whatever you want.

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On the other hand, you can be serious about creating something constructive, for example, creating a list of regular subscribers who share common interests. The point is that if you have a specific direction or goal for your new blog, you should consider your first post as an introduction to a new friend. Here are 5+ Easy Steps how to write your first blog post with a Bang:

1. First Blog Post

Introduce yourself

Here’s your chance to write your first blog post give your readers a little look at who you are. Share your interest, experience and other personal experiences that may be of interest to you and related to the theme of your site.

Tell your readers about your family or pets, what it means to you and why. Share images when you have them. Your readers will appreciate it. You want your readers to get to know you and earn their trust at the same time, that’s why the to write your first blog post is always the most important.

2. What is your reason for blogging?

Now you want your readers to know and understand your goal or your motivation to blog. Indicate your clear intentions regarding questions, dilemmas or hobbies that interest you. You want them to feel the anger, frustration, passion or enthusiasm you think and the dedication you show in your blogging efforts.

Why do you blog?

Merely to share your hobby with others, or do you intend to make money with your blog? 

Purpose of your blog entry.

That’s why it is important that your blog is much easier to manage; you need a lot of quality posts for your blogs.

3. What will you talk about in the blog

Your readers want to know what to expect when you visit your site. Which direction will you choose for this topic, and how will you deal with it? Is this just an online approach or do you intend to approach the topic in a more constructive, tactical and problem-solving way?

4. Choosing the topic of your blog post

Of course, the overall issue of your blog posts will be determined by the whole question tough to find specific items 

The best-case scenario is to see what is called long-tail keywords with a substantial amount of traffic.

5. Structuring your writing

We are getting close to writing your first blog post now, but there is one more step, I recommend that you take it. Write down your Keyword in your favourite text editor. 

Spell checking and editing

If you know someone willing to read the post before publishing it, that’s great too, but with the number of jobs, it might be practical to use a free spell checker.

There are ways to improve your traffic though, even if it doesn’t reach those heady heights. 

Be current. 

Lots of people visit Google and other search engines to look for the latest news stories affecting their businesses and lives. If one of these is relevant, make sure you write about it.

Be bold. 

Some bloggers feel inhibited and unable to say what they think. They are afraid of offending people with their blog posts. But what you need to remember is that no matter what you write, someone somewhere will probably disagree with you! So be bold and make sure you speak your mind. Provided you aren’t rude or offensive, and it can get you a whole new stream of visitors and followers.

Don’t go over old ground – say something new.

It can be challenging to find new topics to write about but do as best you can to try and put a new spin on things at the very least. A new angle on an old subject will be enough to catch people’s attention and help you gain an original following.

6. Encourage comments

You want to immediately create an atmosphere of communication and engagement for your readers. Commenting and engaging readers is a critical factor for the growth and popularity of blogs. 

It builds on this by encouraging visitors to comment, disagree or criticize and facilitate their work. Please provide your contact details (each of which is convenient for you), but make it clear that you are available to them. 


Be sure to indicate your comment policy so that this area remains under control and is constructive for both the blog owner and its readers. When you realize that your first blog post is an introduction to your readers, and include these 5+ easy ways to write your first blog post whit a bang, you will have a solid start for your new blog.

5+ Easy Steps How to Write Your First Blog Post (Good Ideas for 2020)

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