11+ Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting 2020 That You Should Know

Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting

Do you know which are the best companies using WordPress Managed Hosting? In this article; we will look at the 11 Fastest WordPress Managed Hosts 2020 that you should know. These companies have many features in addition to the speed they provide. We will list them for your reference.

WordPress Managed Hosting is used by many internationally renowned companies to offer a high-quality service, which makes use of a wide range of online hosting services.

Speed is the utmost important feature of a Managed WordPress Hosting Service. If your host website is faster with page loads than others, then you have a better chance of being ranked higher in search engines, including Google. All the search engines have a speed of loading as one of the criteria of ranking the search results.

A higher ranking means higher traffic and more increased traffic means higher returns. Hence we will base this whole article on one single point of sale, and that is the speed of the WordPress host.

Top 11 Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting

11 Fastest WordPress Managed Hosts 2020 That You Should Know

As this article is regarding the fastest WordPress managed host, we will rank all the platforms based on loading speed only.  

1. WPX Hosting 

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a Bulgaria-based company that has invested a lot of resources, financial or otherwise, for the betterment of WordPress Hosting Speed. It focuses on just one platform, and that is WordPress. This undivided focus on WordPress hosting has made WPX Hosting the fastest host with the fastest loading times in the world in 2018 and 2019.

There are many tests conducted worldwide, and most of the results show the same effect, that is, WPX Hosting web servers are the fastest hosting service among all the Managed WordPress providers. WPX Hosting also guarantees an uptime of 99.95%. 

Besides unparalleled Speed, WPX Hosting is known for its Simplicity and stellar customer support. The average response time for WPX hosting is 30 seconds. They also claim to solve any issue within 5 minutes of raising the ticket. This speed gives them an edge over other WordPress hosts.

WPX Hosting basic plan is at $20.83 a month, which includes many security and other features.

2. Pantheon.io  Hosts Managed

Pantheon hosting Fastest WordPress Managed

Pantheon is the WordPress host that powers more than 300,000 websites, including sites for companies like Yale, Coach, United Nations, IBM, and many A-listed websites. Pantheon provides a platform to build the world’s best website operations. This platform is for both developers and marketers. 

The security provided by Pantheon is the enterprise level. It ensures agile workflows, scalable infrastructure, and high-speed CMS (Content Delivery System). Also, Pantheon Global Data Centers, has locations in Canada, Australia and the European Union, it offers high uptime for its users.

You can get started with your website on such a great platform by paying $29 per month for its basic plan.

3. Kinsta Hosting Managed

Kinsta Hosting

Kinsta web hosting company offers high speed fully managed WordPress Hosting for all level of users. Companies like Intuit, Buffer, Drift, Flippa, Ubisoft, etc. have trusted Kinsta to host their websites. Kinsta has got thousands of five-star reviews for its services.

Kinsta has designed its own control panel called MyKinsta which assists its users to manage all their websites, marketing stats, bandwidth, visitor information, etc. from one place. This is one of the main advantages of having Kinsta.

Kinsta pricing starts at $30, which is quite good for the quality of services provided by the company.

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4. GoDaddy Hosting Managed

GoDaddy Hosting for WordPress

GoDaddy offers a bouquet of services to its clients, including managed WordPress Hosting, Domain names, Website Hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress eCommerce, and many more. It offers a free domain name along with every managed WordPress plan. 

It offers thousands of free themes and plugins to its clients. GoDaddy offers convenient features for beginners and developers. High-tech security, fast support teams, daily backups, SEO plugins, etc. are provided by GoDaddy for better performing websites.

GoDaddy shows you a great way to start a website by offering you plans starting at $6.99 per month, including a free domain.

5. Cloudways  Hosts Managed

cloudways cloud hosting

Cloudways is known for the customized experience it offers for managed WordPress hosting. From dedicated application servers to the PHP version, it is a web host that offers many services and is chosen by the user.

Optimized stack, innovative control panel, managed security, and automated backups are some of its other features. It helps the users to create websites in minutes, drive it like an expert, and also offers scalability once your business grows. Partnered with companies like AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and more Cloudways guarantee your high-performance website.

The pricing of Cloudways starts at $10 a month, which comes with many unique features.

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6. WP Engine Hosting Managed

WPengine Hosting

WPEngine provides the whole WordPress experience rather than just WordPress hosting. Although, not as fast as many other hosts, WPEngine is one of the most accommodating and reliable WordPress platforms. It provides a platform WP-CLI (command-line interface) for users and developers to fulfil their requirements.

WPEngine also designs custom experiences and recommendations for every individual once you tell them about yourself. It is trusted by brands like AFV, Arizona State University, Hello Fresh, Thomson Reuters, and many more big names. With 500,000 plus websites in its name, it is one of the most famous platforms.

WPEngine gets you started at just $25, which includes Genesis theme worth $2000.

7. DreamHost Hosting Managed

dreamhost hosting for wordpress

DreamHost gives a load of services to its users. Managed WordPress web hosting, domain call registration, VPS hosting, are just some of them. The enterprise focuses on the desires of its customers. Owned by the employees, knowing the needs of the customers is an easy task.

High security, fully-featured, easy to use, and robust customer support are some of the advantages of using DreamHost as your managed WordPress hosting platform.

Dreamhost is a very affordable option for WordPress Hosting. The lowest plan of DreamHost is just $2.59 per month, which gives you a base on which you can start your website/blog.

8. LiquidWeb 

Liquid Web Hosting for WP Sites

A neat, perfect uptime, 24/7 support from most helpful humans, and unparalleled hosting experience are the distinctive features of LiquidWeb. For providing you high-performance websites, LiquidWeb has at its disposal a private cloud server, customized dedicated servers, and multi-server clusters.

It helps you at every step of managed WordPress Hosting, starting from deciding on the plan you need to the management of complex hosting environments.

Multi-server environments are provided with managed file replication option so that the uptime is never compromised. The cloud-hosting is enterprise-grade and is simplified for SMBs.

9. Bluehost 

Bluehost hosting

is an Indian company that has its name recommended by WordPress official since 2005. Bluehost provides various services at a very affordable price. That is the reason that more than 2 million websites are hosted on this platform.

An easy to use WordPress staging environment, good customer support, access to marketing tools and resources, paid ad credits, etc. are the driving force to the success of Bluehost. You can install your WordPress site in just one-click. Additionally, it offers WP Pro service for extra payment which is helpful for the users who require more resources.

Bluehost is perhaps the cheapest option among the WordPress hosts. The plans start at Rs.199, which is equivalent to approx. $2.9 a month.

10. SiteGround 

SiteGround - Managed WordPress Hosting

offers several services other than Managed WordPress Hosting. It provides support in website building, transfer, management, as well as in collaboration and free SSL certificate. The Google Cloud Platform supports it. 

High security is guaranteed when you host with SiteGround. They have employed customized AI software to fend off attacks from hackers and brute force. WordPress also recommends it on its official website.

The managed hosting starts at $6.99 per month and offers loads of features for your use.

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11. FastComet

FastComet - Managed WordPress Hosting

FastComet is the best platform for personal and small business enterprises. It provides super-fast speed to its users by having SSD cloud servers.

These servers are 300% faster than the ordinary servers. You can access your data from any part of the world much faster. Secondly, they have Cloudflare CDN, and that also is provided to users without any additional costs.

You can get started with the FastComet hosting starting from as low as just $2.95/per month instead of its regular hosting plans. All you need to do is apply the coupon at the checkout.

Other features like daily and weekly backups, quick and free migration from any other platform, free domain transfer, etc. are provided to the clients with a 45-days money-back guarantee. 

FastComet has one other unique feature that is not found anywhere else. Over and above their standard plans, FastComet offers you one-click Marketplace, over 20 frameworks and development tools for creating your website, step by step tutorial for getting you started, and 24/7 Priority support. 

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12. HostGator

HostGator Create Blog

Hostgator, the famous crocodile, is a real legend in the world of web hosting, especially since it is probably one of the companies that have entered the field.

According to HostGator, thanks to a super-loaded cloud structure, low-density servers, CDNs and multiple cache levels, your WordPress site should load up to 2.5 times. Well, they’re not very clear on this point.
However, despite his age, he still defends well, sometimes even against younger and more dynamic Hosting teams, with always advantageous offers.

A selection of over 75 applications can be installed very easily with just one click.
There are several benefits for those who choose Hostgator.

Consumer support is available via live chat and telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, plus a range of video tutorials and a consumer. Nonetheless, a few minutes of online Google search is adequate to locate clients who moan loudly about the quality of support.

HostGator Web Prices for hosting:

Website Builder: $3.84/mo*

WordPress Hosting: $5.95/mo*

VPS Hosting: $19.95/mo*

Dedicated Hosting: $89.98/mo*


Security comes first, in case you choose an internet host, it is essential to no longer consider costs: you want to take into account additional features, ease of use, protection, uptime, first-class and performance and documentation.

The 11 fastest WordPress Managed Hosting 2020 we compare all offer premium costs and the functionality you need to build your WordPress website images. Also, keep in mind that fast hosting can be a winning method.
Finally, I hope I have been helpful with this article, if you would like to tell us your opinion in writing, please leave a comment below.

Have you already selected your hosting website? Is this the right preference for you? Which one will you choose?

11+ Fastest WordPress Managed Hosting 2020 That You Should Know

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