Examples of Homonyms – Commonly Confused Words

Examples of Homonyms

If you are looking for an article that will help you learn the namesakes along with the examples, you have found the right post. The homonyms, learning English with simple examples, we will not only discuss the meaning of the homonyms, but we will also explain the difference between homonyms and the homographs of the improve the English language skill.

So, without much further ado, let us quickly dive into the article, shall we?

What is a Homonym?

Definition: Homonym is nothing but a word that is spelt the same and sound the same but have a different meaning.

Homonym can be broken into two parts – prefix and suffix. The prefix part is? Homo’ – meaning the same and the suffix is? Nym’ – meaning name. So, on that account, a homonym is a type of word that has a similar name as another term (word), but both the words may sound or look alike.

A very good example of a homonym is – Left and Left. Sure, both the words look and sound the same, but both may have a different meaning. Here one left could mean – to leave, and another left could mean – side. Let us see homonym examples in more detail.

Homonym Examples

Homonyms Examples

Homonym words are those words that have the same pronunciation and spellings, but the definition may vary.

Let us see some homonym examples:

  • Address – this could be either a – location or speak to.
  • Band – this word can mean – a group of a musician or a ring.
  • Bark – dog’s sound/tree’s outer layer.
  • Bat – an instrument used for hitting a ball / a flying mammal.
  • Crane – it can mean a bird, or it can mean a machine.
  • Express – projecting thoughts or operating at high speed.
  • Fair – impartial or beautiful Kind – this could mean – a type/caring.
  • Mean – this word could be either – average or something that is not nice.
  • Right – direction/correct
  • Rock – this word could mean either – a genre or a stone Play – this could mean – play (verb) or a game.
  • Tire – could mean – feeling exhausted or a rubber covering (wheel’s part)
  • Well – this homonym word can either mean – a water source or healthy.

List of Homonyms with Examples

Here below is a list of homonyms for better understanding.

  • Common Homonyms
  • Bat – bat
  • Band – band
  • Letter – letter
  • Fly – fly
  • Right – right
  • Ring – ring
  • Palm – palm
  • Park – park
  • Sink – sink
  • Can – can
  • Nail – nail
  • Ship – ship
  • Rose – rose
  • Watch – watch
  • Tie – tie
  • Address – address
  • Match – match
  • Stalk – stalk
  • Clip – clip
  • Date – date
  • Drop – drop
  • Point – point
  • Saw – saw
  • Ruler – ruler
  • Sink – sink
  • Scale – scale
  • Tie – tie
  • Trip –trip
  • Cool – cool
  • Wave – wave
  • Duck – duck
  • File – file
  • Fall – fall
  • Foot – foot

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Examples of homonyms in sentences

After reading about some common homonyms, it is time for you to learn about some examples of homonyms in sentences.

1: Address

1. Napoleon gave me his office address.

2. Abraham addressed his audience.

2: Bat

1. Bats are the reason behind the pandemic.

2. Sports clubs are selling cricket bats for free.

3: Right

1. Harry took the right decision.

2. Let us take the right turn from the next block.

4: Rock

1. Jack’s favourite music genre is Rock.

2. A hammer will crush the Rock.

5: Fly

1. The fly irritated the guest.

2. It is an excellent day to fly a kite.

There you go, these were some common examples in sentences. Now, let us move to our last section where we will learn:

What is the difference between homonyms homophones and homographs?

The prefix used in these three words often confuse the students, but the suffix is what makes all the difference, let us see how they are different from each other.

Homonyms are those words that sound the same, and their spellings are also the same.

For example:

Bear – It is an animal. Alternatively, it can also mean to withstand. (see more example above)

Homophones – These words may sound the same, but they are a bit different from homonyms. Homophones are those similar, but their spellings are very different.

For example:

High – Hi Steal – Steel

Homographs – At last, we have another confusing word, and that is homographs. These words have the same spellings, but they may sound different, and their meanings are also entirely different.

For example:

Minute – It is a word that could either mean – tiny or a period.

Other examples:

Bass – bass Entrance – entrance Bow – bow Tear – tear Wound – wound

Final Words

There you go, everything about homonyms along with examples and differences between confusing terms (homophone, homographs) covered in this article. I hope you find the information helpful. Good Luck!

Examples of Homonyms – Commonly Confused Words

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