What is a Permalink? (2020)

To better understand the reason that led me to write this article is that I happened to see many permalinks configured wrong or inadequate to see, so I decided to explain what are permalinks and their importance.The WordPress permalink structure that you’ve set for your website would mainly determine what the URLs would appear for […]

Why Influencer Marketing is so Important? Let’s find out Together

Influencer marketing is a trend that businesses would do well to capitalize on. In fact, when it comes to marketing strategies, involvement with established influencers is set to outstrip any other method in the near future — both regarding the creation of high-quality content and boosting your business’s SEO position. Of course, before you can […]

8 Ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO

The development of search engine optimization popularity has spread a selected urgency on the way to optimize your blog posts to make seek engine friendly. To this end, techniques, guidelines and plugins have been developed. We consider that, even if both large agencies and amateur blogs have conformed in optimizing the content material on a […]

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