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Host Meaning in Hindi: Definition and Translation

Host Meaning in Hindi Translator in the Hindi language for Host: मेजबान Pronunciation: IPA: hoʊst Hindi: होस्ट Meaning of Host in Hindi Noun: AssistantCommunityArmyCrowdFood-makerGroupLot ofNutritiousGuestAnnouncer सहायकसमुदायसेनाभीड़खाद्य निर्मातासमूहबहुत सापौष्टिकअतिथिउद्घोषक sahaayaksamudaaysenabheedkhaady nirmaatasamoohbahut sapaushtikatithiudghoshak Verb: host welcome organize present Recommended Apps English Hindi Dictionary for AndroidEnglish Hindi Dictionary for iOSEnglish Hindi Dictionary for Windows Definitions and Meaning of […]

What Are Subordinating Conjunctions? Subordinating Conjunctions List And Examples

What are Subordinating Conjunctions? Subordinating Conjunctions are linking or connecting words that assist in joining a group of sentences, phrases, or words into one. They are in three types based on their functions and use. These three are subordinating, coordinating, and correlative. Here we shall look at subordinating conjunctions and how to punctuate them as […]

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