Bluehost Affiliate Program: Earn $65 Commission Per Sale in 2020

Bluehost Affiliate Program

In this guide, I will tell you about the Bluehost affiliate program for 2020. What do they foresee and how much do they earn you in money?

If you are here, you know what an affiliate program is. But to complete the work, here is a brief description of what it is.

When people think of blogging or launching a brand-new website, they would undoubtedly require a reliable hosting program for their website.

Finding a beautiful website hosting program wouldn’t be demanding as you get a lot of such programs available in the market.

Among the best of these and the most recommended for WordPress is the Bluehost.

The hosting service has been ideally helpful in hosting a company for a lot of customer sites and offers adequate support when you’re building a website.

Among the best web hosting affiliate programs of all is the Bluehost affiliate program.

In addition to being a renowned web host, Bluehost also provides a great affiliate program where you can make thousands of dollars monthly.

We’ve provided an honest review of the affiliate program from Bluehost.

Firstly, let’s get into a little bit more detail about the Bluehost program. Here are vital things that you must know.

What is Bluehost affiliate program?

The Bluehost is the best website hosting affiliate program where a user can sign up for merely hosting (which can be joined freely), and you should start promoting products like different plants that you get for Bluehost such as:

  • VPS hosting
  • Shared hosting
  • WooCommerce hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Dedicated hosting, etc.

How much earning is possible through it?

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Users with Bluehost program make around $65 for each sale made through the Bluehost. The affiliate commission payout program might go up depending on the monthly sales volume.

This would mean that with higher sales, you get a much higher commission.

Reasons to join Bluehost program

There are a lot of benefits of joining Bluehost such as;

  • $65 in the monthly sale (even when you’re making 1st sale within a month, you get paid around $65 which would be a lot more compared to other host payouts)
  • More than 5 million dollars provided in commissions that are paid out in last year (you can
  • imagine renowned Bluehost among the affiliate marketers throughout the world)
  • More than 2 million sites get hosted on the Bluehost (this is the best host for users, h 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, free domain name registration, Bluehost web hosting is a guarantee.)
  • Unlimited earnings (No cap is available on earning through Bluehost) Is free to join
  • Provides 90-day life for cookie (which would mean the cookie stays on the customer’s internet browser for over 90 days until the customer clears the cookies and cache.

Joining the Bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost affiliate

You would have to enter some details such as:



PayPal email address Website URL, etc.

You would require PayPal to get paid from the Bluehost. Also, you would have to full declaration form for the tax while you sign up for the Bluehost as an affiliate. You also find two ways like;

W-9 Form (this can be used if you are Business or US Citizen)

W-8BEN Form (this form can be used; in case you are a business or non-U.S. resident)


Upon selection of an appropriate way, you need to fill this and submit it for review. Usually, a minimum of 24 hours is required for the activation of the affiliate account through Bluehost.

After signing up, you get a unique tracking code through Bluehost that can be used on email, newsletters, websites, etc. for the promotion of Bluehost products for earning a lot of money.

Best Features about BlueHost Affiliate Program

You get large payouts one time

Affiliates of Bluehost can earn commissions that begin from $65 meant for qualified buying of hosting plans.

The best thing is that there isn’t any cap put on the limit of earning. Affiliates of Bluehost can refer a lot o new customers for the hosting company. This means that the opportunities are there for passive income streams through a Bluehost affiliate program that is endless.

Let’s consider an example of Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income. He’s one of the reports from December 2017 showed that he made a total of $27, 650 through the Bluehost affiliate commission program only.

Also, the affiliates get their earnings transferred through PayPal. Moreover, Bluehost covers the transaction fee for you. Thus, the users with the program make a total of $65 without any fee subtraction.

The processing period is around 45 to 60 days after the sale. The processing of all sales is done between 16th and the month’s last day. Let’s suppose, and a deal happened in January, then the earnings get reviewed and applied from 16th to 31st March.

Great Support Team

With things such as tracking and advertising, there is space for errors, and with affiliate programs, this can quickly happen. As a Bluehost affiliate, you get access to a dedicated support team for helping you with all types of issues.

They are prompt and respond well to emails and chat 24/7.

Better Rates of Conversion

BlueHost has excellent name recognition, low new customer cost with reliable rates of conversion. Also, all new bloggers have to select a web host – it would, by necessity, which isn’t entirely helpful.

Considering Bluehost nature, low entry cost, and with a great product, you get a stable rate of conversion.

Also, the affiliates get permitted to make use of affiliate links on blogs, website email, and other platforms for promoting these. So, for websites and social media content that you get, the better the potential for clicks for leading to conversions.

You have to keep in mind that the conversion rates can only be surfaced once you’ve developed content attracting a loyal audience. Also, it doesn’t happen overnight.

Tiered structure for commissions

Typically, these start from $65, and the Bluehost has a layered architecture for rewarding loyal and successful affiliate members. The outcome is higher sales over time and a high overall payout.

The Tiered commissions range from around $65 to $130 for sale. Upon signing up, you convey the affiliate manager all your goals, and you’ll get more commissions.

BlueHost Affiliate program summary

With the availability of time, hard work, and an exceptional strategy for marketing, you can easily earn additional website income through a Bluehost affiliate program.

This is among the most successful affiliate programs that you get in the world, and this makes it among the highest paying affiliate programs available.

This is a definite win-win as you can begin a new blog through Bluehost and later make use of your knowledge about their tool for recommending the readers also use it.

Due to this reason, a lot of marketers select Bluehost while beginning with their blog pages.

You can quickly launch your website on the internet after applying for a Bluehost affiliate program, and you’ll increase your chances of earning more than $130 for sales.

Bluehost Affiliate Program: Earn $65 Commission Per Sale in 2020

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