20+ Best Blogger Templates Free 2020 – Responsive and SEO Friendly

Free blogger templates

Want to create a beautiful and successful website with Blogger BlogSpot, and are you looking for the best blogger templates free to use on your BlogSpot Blog?

You just found the best impressive collection for you. This post will help you choose the best free quality or premium paid blogger templates; the best choice will be up to you.
Blogger was born on August 23, 1999, in a small company in San Francisco, Pyra Labs.

It is a blogging website service currently run by Google Blogger LLC that you can access for free. It is a blogging platform that, unlike other competitors, most users are personal writers or blogs.

Google Blogger allows you to publish not only text but also images and videos, making it an ideal solution for novice webmasters.

Blogger Templates Free

There are many predefined and well designed free blogger templates are simple that are responsive and SEO-friendly for your next website in just a few clicks.

They will help you to make your blog professional, able to feed the secret of success in reaching the front page of Google.

With all the technological advances these days, you can do almost everything yourself on the Internet.

And when it comes to building websites, you don’t need to hire an expensive web designer and graphic designer to get your blog off the ground with a look elegant.

A template that contains all these factors will be great for any website. The best choice rests with you, here is a complete list of all the elements we offer.

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Top List Of Best Blogger Templates Free 2020

We have selected the 20+ best free blogger templates 2020 based on these qualities; the models chosen below are all clean, fast, SEO and Ads friendly, responsive, and have a premium appearance.

Can integrate into your blog and start building an audience for your product, service or hobby.

1. Seo Boost Blogger Template

Seo Boost Blogger Template is ideal for those who want to create a beautiful blog about travel, news, lifestyle, health, food, technology, sports, games and business.

It is a fully functional theme with a premium look, built for the Blogspot (Blogger) platform, is very light, flexible and seamlessly customizable, fully optimized for the best search engine results.

Key features: Simple, Flexible, Extremely responsive, Menu sink, SEO-Ready Optimized, 3 Columns Footer, 2 Columns, Fast Loading, Email Subscription Widget Ready, Social Bookmark Ready, Multi Colors, Flex Ads Ready, Google Compatibility Browser, AMP.

Blogger Templates Free - Seo Boost Blogger Template - Fashion blog, Foof Blog

2. New Seo Blogger Template

New SEO Blogger Template, comes fully loaded with optimized codes and a whole string of SEO settings to enable you to customize it to your heart’s content.

Backed by Google’s latest algorithm, you can be sure your blog will be pushed to the top of search results. As said before, if you’re a fan of micro-niche blogs, then this one is for you.

Key features: Simple & fast loading, SEO optimized, Very responsive, SEO friendly, Clean user interface, Browser Compatibility, 2 Columns, 2 Columns, AMP, Google, White, Drop Down Menu and  Elegant.

New Seo Blogger Template - Personal Blog, Travel Blog

3. Seo Mag Blogger Template

SEO Mag, also this Blogger Template comes with a clean and easy to navigate user interface. It is built for optimization because it was created with optimized codes which are reflective in its fast loading time.

Pleasurably customizable. If you’re going to use this template, it is best for micro-niche blogs. For example, if you’re going to blog about the food, your focus will be, let’s say, how to prepare food for cooking.

Key features: Fully responsive, Ads ready. SEO optimized, Responsive, Seo Ready, Magazine, Drop Down Menu, Simple,  Business,  Elegant and  WhatsApp Sharing.


Seo Mag Blogger Template

4. SeoHub Fast Loading Blogger Template

You can say goodbye to late pages because SeoHub Fast Loading Blogger Template loads quickly, and when it comes to being SEO friendly, it is one of the best, adapted from WordPress.

It is also very flexible because it integrates seamlessly with all popular search engines. However, it works best with news, magazines and technology and blogs.

Key features:  Magazine, Very responsive, SEO friendly, Upload quickly, Clean user interface, Fast Loading, Seo Ready, AMP, Ads Ready, Google, Post Thumbnails, Navigation Ready and Green.

SeoHub Fast Loading Blogger Template

5. Sora Seo Blogger Template

Sora Seo Blogger Template, this is a simple but very effective Blogspot theme template. If you want to make your blog attractive and colourful, this is what it was built for. And just like its counterparts, it is optimized for SEO and easy to customize.

It is ideal for niche news, technology and magazine blogs.

Key features: Fully responsive, Attractive looking, Ads Ready, SEO Optimized, White, SEO Friendly, Elegant, 2 Columns, AMP, 1 Right Sidebar, Clean and Fast Loading.

Sora Seo Blogger Template

6. Seo Rocket Blogger Template

SEO Rocket Blogger Template is the most dynamic, and it will work smoothly on any device with all the standard elements like fast loading, SEO friendly.

And it is suitable for almost any type of niche you want to operate out of it. It is lightweight and fully responsive.

Key features: Beautifull homepage layout, Cool looking, SEO friendly, Ads Ready, Simple, quick Loading, Post Thumbnails, Elegant, Free Premium, 3 Columns, Three Columns Footer, White and Page Navigation Menu.

Seo Rocket Blogger Template

7. Writeup Personal Magazine Blogger Template

To stay in line with Blogger’s premise of beautifully designed templates, Writeup Personal Magazine Blogger Template Free or the Premium version, this is no different with its sleek and smooth look and straight to the point navigation user interface.

And this is the best for technology, news and blog reviews.

Key features: Blogpost slider on the homepage, SEO optimized, Back to top button, News, Ads Ready, Magazine, Page Navigation Menu, Slideshow, Responsive, Social bookmarker prepared, Seo Ready, three Columns Footer, White, 1 Sidebar, one Right Sidebar, Clean, Technology, drop Menu, 2 Columns and Free Premium.

Writeup Personal Magazine Blogger Template

8. Schema Blogger Template

Schema Blogger Template, a common theme Blogspot, with these templates is that it’s lightweight, fast-loading, and SEO friendly.

Schema comes with all those features. But what makes this stand out from the crowd is its ability to be ported or transitioned onto other blogging platforms seamlessly like Wix, WordPress, and Tumblr, among others.

Key features: Theme Blogspot, Page Navigation Menu, Responsive header navigation menu, Ads Ready, Seo Ready, SEO optimized, Simple homepage layout, 2 Columns, SEO friendly, Google,  AMP and Responsive.

Schema Blogger Template

9. Optima Blogger Template

All Blogger templates such as Optima Blogger Template have been built with the two main components to make a blog run smoothly: SEO friendly and fast loading. But the only distinguishing feature of this template is its integrated subscription widget and high CTR.

So if you plan to use your blog for marketing your product or service, this is the right candidate to do just that.

SEO friendly and fast loading. But the only distinctive feature of this model is its integrated subscription widget and high CTR.

So, if you plan to use your blog for marketing your product or service, this is the right candidate to do just that.

Key features: Simple Ready Blogspot theme, Elegant, look beautiful, Seo optimization, Widget showing social followers, Blogger Templates Free Download Html, 4 column footer widget, Seo Ready, Fast loading, Ads Ready, Drop Down Menu and Email Subscription Widget Ready.

Optima Blogger Template

10. Blog Coupon Blogger Template

If you intend to make money with affiliate marketing and coupon codes, then this free responsive Blogspot templates is perfect for achieving this goal.

Blog Coupon Blogger Template is standout by its ability to receive payments from within the model, bypassing the management of complicated code and source code.

Key features: This model Blogger is designed to provide promotional codes. Great to create a Coupon Blog, White, 3 Columns Footer Widget, Ads Ready, Friendly, fully Customizable, Free Premium, has an elegant appearance, perfect for affiliations, travel agencies, online shops.

Blog Coupon Blogger Template

11. Lyricist Blogger Template

Lyricist Blogger Template. This one is just as the name suggests. Calling all musos this is the template for you guys.

So if you are a singer, an instrumentalist, or songwriter, this is the one to lace your blog with to showcase your musical skill & talents. With that, it’s also fully customizable and responsive.

Key features: Header search form, Subscription widget ready, Seo Friendly, Fully Customizable, Web2.0, Clean, Seo Ready, Free Premium, Responsive, Ads Ready, Mega Menu, Minimalist, Widget was Showing Social Followers, Fast Loading, Slideshow and WhatsApp Sharing.

Lyricist Blogger Template

12. Need Mag Blogger Template

Need Mag Blogger Template a Blogspot theme of the latest generation, usable for the magazine with a perfect design. A template is easy to use, fast loading. SEO optimized SEO with responsiveness,

Made with perfection this incredible theme can be a multilayered piece of expertise, professionally constructed, this theme is superior to the other magazine theme in this latest Blogspot theme is made on the newest generation coding structure with updated functions and widgets.

With this beautiful, feature-rich theme you can create any high quality blog like news, magazine with minimal effort, or for other niches like technology, beauty, makeup, and fashion.

Key features: Fully responsive, Ads ready, SEO optimized, SEO friendly. Loads fast, Clean user interface, Free Premium, Seo Ready, Attractive looking, Simple, Blogpost slider on the homepage, Google, AMP, Magazine, 3 Columns Footer, White and Browser Compatibility.

Need Mag Blogger Template

13. Malina Beauty Blogger Template

If you need an easy to set a Blogspot template, then this will be the best option. Malina Beauty Blogger Template is a beautiful template that can be used for any online blog, flower shop, travel, women’s blogs, etc.

It is suitable for any screen or device, such as desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. It is clean, has an elegant look and has several features that help it to be fast, responsive and SEO friendly.

Key features: Beautifull homepage, Cool looking, SEO friendly, Ads Ready, Clean, White, Blogspot theme, Personal Bloggers, Fast Loading, Elegant, Retina Ready, Fashion, Responsive and 3 Columns.

Malina Beauty Blogger Template

14. Elegantes Blogger Template

Creating a custom-looking magazine blog has never been easier, Elegantes Blogger Template has a fully SEO optimized layout, it’s fast and easy to upload.

This Blogspot template has its strength. It’s simplicity and functionality. You just have to install the theme and start your new blog.

Key features: Simple & fast loading, SEO optimized, Fully customizable, SEO friendly, social media links, premium look, Responsive and Ads Ready.

Elegantes Blogger Template

15. Jupiter Blogger Template

If you do not intend to use any of the templates listed above, Jupiter Blogger Template, please use this template. It’s clean and super responsive, a fully customizable design blogger theme.

This theme fits perfectly into any niche, such as news, tutorials, technology, movies, etc.

Key features: Ready ads, latest Google updates for SERP, AMP, Free Premium, Ads Ready, Magazine, 3 Columns Footer, Minimalist and Social Bookmark Ready.

Jupiter Blogger Template

16. Sora Times Blogger Template

In addition to being flexible with a professional look, Sora Times Blogger Template has a clean design and amazing features like slideshows, quick and easy loading, suitable for magazine sites, social media bookmarks, drop-down menus, a sidebar and columns.

Key features: Very responsive, AMP, friendly, Loads fast, Google, SEO optimized, Simple, SEO friendly, Ads Ready, Clean user interface and fast loading speed.

Sora Times Blogger Template

17. Alva Blogger Template

With its beautiful design, Alva Blogger Template is ideal for various activities such as travel and tourism, DIY, blogs, newspapers, fashion.

Its popularity has grown over the years because it is personalised, responsive to make it an ideal Blogger Template for almost niche blogs.

Key features: All Blogger templates are highly SEO ready. Blogger, optimised, flexible, Very Responsive, AMP, Google, Ads ready, SEO friendly, Fashion, 2 Columns, Minimalist, Elegant, Adapted From WordPress and Free Premium.

Alva Blogger Template

18. MagOne – Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

Couldn’t miss this beautiful design template, MagOne for Blogger / Blogspot websites, model is a flexible and responsive magazine.

The tests obtained on Google are fantastic, fast, and Seo Friendly with a beautiful Mobile design. You can create a website in minutes with a premium look at a very reasonable price.

Key features: All Languages & RTL, Multi Comment Systems, Very Responsive & fast loading, SEO friendly, Ads ready, SEO optimized, Fully Customizable, AMP, Google.

MagOne - Responsive News & Magazine Blogger Template

19. Sora Viral Blogger Template

This theme is a uniquely designed, highly optimized blogging template, one of the fast and responsive, Seo-Friendly Blogspot brand supported issues that will increase your traffic and revenue, with a light and dark background.

Sora Viral Blogger Template is perfect to create a blog like a newspaper, beauty, fashion, nature, business.

Key features: Fast Loading,  AMP, Google, Drop Down Menu, Seo Ready, 2 Columns, Responsive, Free Premium, Retina Ready, Browser Compatibility, Ads Ready and Adapted From WordPress.

Sora Viral Blogger Template

20. CleanMagazine Blogger Template

To stay on topic with Blogger magazine templates, it makes no difference, with its sleek and smooth appearance and directly to the user interface for point navigation.

CleanMagazine Blogger Template, this is top for technology, news and blog reviews.

Key features: Header search form, Subscription widget Ready, SEO friendly, Fully customizable, Blogpost slider on the homepage, SEO optimized, Back to top button, Free Premium, 3 Columns Footer, AMP, Google, Seo Ready, Ads Ready, Elegant, Minimalist and Browser Compatibility.

CleanMagazine Blogger Template

21. BMAG – Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

Can not miss in this list BMAG is a Blogger Template Responsive Magazine, you can improve your experience using this template, secure, clean and compatible with many devices. Seo Friendly, HTML, CSS, Administration Panel, SEO optimized, Loads fast.

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BMAG - Magazine Responsive Blogger Template

22. Faster Responsive Blogger Template

Faster is a simple and effective model for bloggers. It is designed for quick loading while maintaining the antithetical appearance of the model.

It is a theme and provides minimal meaning for most contexts with a large number of widgets. For magazines and blogs, it’s simple and powerful.

Faster Responsive Blogger Template

23. NewsPlus Responsive Blogger Template

NewsPlus is one of the most comfortable and most effective magazine models for a blogger.
It is a Minimal News, Magazine & blog. It’s full of different widgets and advertisements are ready!

NewsPlus Responsive Blogger Template

24. Sora One Blogger Template

Sora One Blogger Template is a beautiful and sophisticated layout innovative blogger Magazine style, gives the consumers, on all platforms, a wonderful experience, Elegant, Clean Design, Fully Responsive, Mobile-Friendly.

Sora One  Responsive Blogger Template

25. Sora Seo 2 Responsive Blogger Template

Sora Seo 2 Blogger Design for blogging and plain interface lovers is a simple Blogspot style. The Theme fully responsive is incredibly easy to use and customize, easy to use and easy to submit.

Sora Seo 2 Responsive Blogger Template

26. FastPro  Responsive Blogger Template

FastPro Blogger Template Responsive, highly looked, fast loading, best well optimized, Blogger theme, which comes with completely responsive design and highly SEO encoding. FastPro Blogger theme has been improved and streamlined much faster.

FastPro  Responsive Blogger Template

27. Carrie Blogger Template

Carrie Blogger Template is a modern blogger blogging theme with high-quality features and interactive architecture.

The fantastic design of this theme is purely responsive, ready for the widget and quick just to use SEO Friendly.

This theme is clean, modern, descriptive and fast to read, based on a new generation framework of a blogger.

Carrie Blogger Template

28. OmViral Responsive Blogger Template

OmViral Blogger Template is super lightweight, Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive.

This is a theme that has been developed based on different Google Page skills to obtain an excellent score in the Google Page Ranking (SERP).

We also take note of AMP, code quality, Loading Speed, SEO, 2 Column, etc.

OmViral Responsive Blogger Template

29. SeoYard Blogger Template

SeoYard Blogger Template is a fast theme loading blogging Blogspot framework, clean and responsive with powerful SEO features and fast loading speed.

SeoYard Blogger Template is a fast theme loading blogging Blogspot framework, clean and responsive with powerful SEO features and fast loading speed


Did this guide help you choose your model? All the models listed above are responsive, Seo Friendly, Ready, Ads Ready, Clean Design, Search Engine Marketing. If you have the money to hire a professional to build a website for you, go ahead.

But just note that the free Blogger Templates above will do just as good, if not better, than your expensive blog to build. Also, it is fun and exciting to participate in the creation of your blog without the high cost.

20+ Best Blogger Templates Free 2020 – Responsive and SEO Friendly

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