11 Blog Name Generators – Check Availability Free

In this article, we will share the list of 10+ best blog name generators. You can check availability in a short time. Don’t have a clear idea of the name of your new blog?

The perfect domain name for your blog is not a simple thing.
Choose an attractive name for your blog, and work on optimizing your website, focus on marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Then choose a name that can become easy to remember the brand.

The brand naming name speaks to people and Google;
Here are some practical tips for choosing the name of your blog:
Easy to Write.
Easy to Read.
Easy to Pronounce.
Short (four/ten words maximum).

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What Are Blog Name Generators?

A blog name generators is an online tool where you input keywords then the tool coughs out suggested names according to what you put in. It is built to streamline the blog name brainstorming process.

Domain names are a must for your website. It is as the name of a business and your identity. How else, if people don’t even know who you are and what you’re. Name generators can spare you the frustration of coming up with a blog name from scratch.

Furthermore, it gives you more options to choose from to ensure that you pick the best blog name that suits your site.
Let’s now look at the best list blog name generators that you can use:

1. Nameboy


This tool works best if you already have a name in mind but are looking for more suggestions to refine the end result. Nameboy‘s premise is you input two keywords to search for availability. Their chart system makes it easy to check which extensions are taken. They also have an inbuilt system to check the availability of domain names.

2. BustAName  


BustAName has a myriad of filters to help you find the idea of a specific domain you are looking for for your business or simply your blog. The inbound filtering options “start” and “end” of your keywords to make the results more natural.

You can also use the character limitation feature. The extension option to choose from is .com, .net and .org. Domain name search allows you to take advantage of the availability check functions.

3. NameStall

NameStall Blog Name Generator

Here you have a variety of tools and filters at your disposal. Among the most popular: parts of speech, popular keywords, basic English words, and industry categories. You have the flexibility to have your keyword at the beginning or end of your domain and choose to have a hyphen.

This one also has a domain search tool to check for availability. As well as an instant domain search, brandable domain name list, and high paying keywords search tool.

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4. Domainpuzzler

Domainpuzzler Blog Name Generator

Domainpuzzler this is the easiest of all the tools in this guide to search for the perfect domain name. Basically, you input your keywords together with your desired extension and click the search button. One standout feature of this tool is you can input any number of keywords. It then combines them all into different variants which you can compare against page ranks of different domain names. It also has a name availability check onsite.

5. NameMesh

NameMesh Blog Name Generator

When you already have a few keywords to start with, choose 2-3 keywords, and enter them into the search box. One neat feature of NameMesh is that it will spit out results based on standard, universal, new, short, similar, and SEO which is extremely helpful if you’re targeting a specific demographic and niche. You can also check for domain name availability.

6. DomainsBot

DomainsBot Blog Name Generator

With this tool, you get the best of both worlds, in that it is both a domain suggestion tool as well as a domain search tool. So enter your keywords in the search bar to see the results. The best thing about this tool is it will immediately tell you if a domain name is available or not right in the search bar. It will also give you suggested names by adding prefixes, synonyms, and suffixes.

7. Panabee

Panabee Blog Name Generator

This one is a triple threat. Not only is a domain search tool, but also a business name generator, and a domain name generator. As with all the others on this list, you head to the search box and do your thing. But a neat feature of this tool is it will check your desired name not only for availability but also to see if it is being used as a social media username.

8. NameStation

NameStation Blog Name Generator

Here is another free tool to generate a domain name. It comes with all the standard features like a domain name generator, keyword suggestion, and availability checker. One unique thing about NameStation is it holds public name contests. So if you want to stir up some competition, this feature is for you. You can also filter by name, extension, and the industry name.

9. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search Blog Name Generator

This tool works best if you already have a domain name. Enter your name and it will instantly tell you if it’s taken or available. It also has the standard filtering options: keywords, extension, prefix, or suffix.

10. Iwantmyname

Iwantmyname Blog Name Generator

Like some of the other tools on this list, you’ll have more fun with it if you already have a name. And it will tell you right then and there if it is already in use or available. You can refine your searches with keywords, industry domain names, add prefixes or suffixes.

11. Web Hosting Geeks

Web Hosting Geeks Blog Name Generator

This one also, as you know by now, is a domain generator and business name generator. You can refine your searches with keywords and add filters to the search bar to get a more accurate result. You can also choose to put your domain name at the beginning, middle, or end. It also has its own availability checker to see if your name is taken or not.


No matter how you decide to create a domain name, using the features of a blog name generators will be a sensible thing to do if you want efficiency and to upload the domain name brainstorming process in advance.

11 Blog Name Generators – Check Availability Free

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