5 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Video

It can be difficult to find a free stock video that is just right for your needs. Stock footage is video content that is created generically so that people can use it to communicate their ideas or messages. For instance, if you are publishing something about Greece on social media, you may want to show a short video clip or a Greek Island.

You can go to these sites and find video content for free, and they are often high quality. Being able to use a good stock video in your content can help to spread your message to more users. Take a look at the five best websites to download free stock videos.

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1. Pixabay

Top quality free stock videos

With more than 1.5 million free stock videos and photos that are released under Creative Commons Zero, you have the freedom to use and modify the free stock videos download from this site. Most of their videos are under a minute, and they are formatted as MP4s. You will find HD footage, 4K videos, and motion graphics covering every topic you can imagine.

2. Pexels

This site was originally free stock photos alone, but they now have a collection of free stock videos. They also allow you to use video footage under the Create Common Zero, so there is no charge to use or edit any video. This site has a wide variety of niche subject matter, and most videos are under a minute long. You will mostly find MP4 videos in HD; there are very few in 4K format.

3. Videezy

Videezy carries stock videos in both HD and 4K format, and you will also find aerial drone footage. There are plenty of good quality clips available. In addition to free stock video clips, there are paid options available. Besides, you must give credit to Videezy.com or use a special code that they provide on the webpage where you use the video. You can pay for the service to use the clip without these requirements.

4. Life of Vids

This site provides videos, clips, and loops. It is owned by a Canadian marketing agency called Leeroy. Although they do not offer a large number of stock videos, what they do offer is high quality. You can use these videos free of charge as long as you attribute them to the company. They are delivered in MP4 format, and HD files are available. You can choose your preferred resolution as well.

5. Distill

Distill offers high-quality video clips for creative projects and social media. They are free for both commercial and personal use. Distill does have an approval process for those who wish to upload their videos, so every available clip has been approved. They tend to be higher in quality as a result. They offer a number of simple categories with free stock videos, and if you sign up for their mailing list, they will send you 10 free stock videos every 10 days.

It’s your choice!

5 Best Websites to Download Free Stock Video

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