10 Best Sites For Free Stock Photos (Updated information)

Are you looking for top websites where you can download high-quality images for free? If so, there are many excellent sites to download pictures that suit your needs. But people must understand that not all online sites will provide quality images. Thus, individuals can get photos with high resolution on reliable online services. Uploading and sharing pictures can be easier if people apply the usage rights on free stock photos.

Best Sites For Free Stock Photos

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Free Stock Photos Usage Rights (CC0)

Using free stock photos for the first time can be challenging. Maybe an individual will not be entirely sure how to use photos royalty-free ethically and legally. If you’re struggling to apply the legal rules for using free stock images for your business, this guide has got you covered. You will discover some of the many free stock images rights, such as the following:

  • The essence of high-quality images
  • Will using free stock images hurt your commercial brand image?
  • Need to avoid using images from Google
  • Key licensing definitions and terms
  • Exceptions and restrictions to Copyright Law
  • Protecting yourself
  • When and how to credit photos
  • Best practices
  • Read more about this on the Creative Commons website

Meaning of Stock Photo

Stock photo is also known as stock photography. They are professional images of typical landmarks, places, events, nature, or people purchased and sold on photos royalty-free basis. Stock Photos can be used and reused for business design purposes. But people need licenses when using these images.

When selling stock images, stock photo agencies use a royalty-free type of license. This type of license grant image buyers or free image users a set of rights to use images in many ways. In this case, the photographer who made the images holds the copyright. Thus, he or she remains the owner of the created photos. However, buying stock photo rights can help you use the images to promote your business.

Best Free Stock Photo Sites

When you need to download free stock images for commercial use or fun, you can visit some of the popular sites, such as the following:

1. Adobe

This stock photo service integrates a stock image collection. It incorporates images into Adobe’s Creative Cloud. So, it eases the design process that includes photo stock. Adobe sells RF photos under a variety of subscription plans. But people can take advantage of the monthly trial offer for free Adobe stock.

2. Shopify

People can download free photos on this website. Shopify provides a variety of images that can be used for commercial purposes. Individuals can get pictures on this website that involve transport, jewellery, holidays, animals, nature/landscape, arts, education, and others.

3. Canva

In this site, people can download free elements. They can get a variety of images to use in their businesses. Just like the paid images have a license, users of free Canva images must use the free stock photos when they have a license. So, you can use Canva’s free photos site that has the least restrictions.

4. StockSnap.io

It is one of the best sites that provide beautiful free images. High resolution and high-quality stock free photos with no attribution needed. There are hundreds of free images with high resolution added weekly. Stocksnap.io it is also free from copyright restrictions.

5. Pexels

Their well-organized and vast collection of Free stock photos are well-curated on the internet. Besides, Pexels they have free unrestricted stock videos! For many bloggers, it is a go-to-photo source website.

6. Unsplash

This website Unsplash.com has a collection of over 300,000 free stock images. Their images are top quality, and many photos added daily. You can find something good to use from this site.

Read more about this on the Unsplash/License

7. Gratisography

Gratisography, if there is one word that could describe all the pictures here, it is unique. Yes, the photos here are not the ones you would find at an average website that supplies photos royalty-free.

8. Morguefile

Morguefile with photos royalty-free license, you can download free stock photos on this website. Their images are not curated. Besides, they are not professionally created as on the Unsplash site. Visit this website when you need free and straightforward photos.

9. Pixabay

In this site, people can find images of high-resolution. Pixabay, they boast of an extensive database of pictures that are mostly used in marketing and businesses. Bloggers and marketers always get helpful photos on this website. They also provide free illustrations and vectors.

10. Stockvault

This website is another useful source of free stock images, even textures, and wallpapers. This collection Stockvault of high-quality photos is around half the size of the array that Unsplash has, and it has daily additions and well-curated images. It is a well-organized website with top search engines for quick browsing.


You can say goodbye to famous sites like Shuttershock.com and iStockphoto.com, where you’ll find endless photographic images, but at a high price. In this guide, people will discover the top ten websites for free stock photos and royalty-free pictures. When looking for free images to promote your business, you can visit these sites and get high-quality images with high resolution.

10 Best Sites For Free Stock Photos (Updated information)

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