10+ Best Free AMP Blogger Template 2020 To Boost Up blog Loading Speed

AMP Blogger Templates

Are you looking for the best free AMP Blogger Template 2020 for your Blogspot Blogger with loads of really page loads, but don’t know which one to choose?

So in this post, I’ll share a collection of free, premium AMP Blogger templates to increase search engine optimization (SEO).

All templates are Fully Responsive, High CTR, SEO-Friendly, Adsense Ready, Mobile-Friendly, and Fast Upload, to you the best choice.

Do you dream of success with your new Blogger blog? Start your project with Template Blogger AMP, and take the path of leadership. How to choose your AMP template?

AMP Blogger Template

AMP Blogger Template

You will find the best choice between the free AMP models or the Premium version.

AMP technology (an acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an indispensable tool for any blog, magazine, eCommerce, affiliate marketing site, business or company that wants to quickly deliver AMP page content to its readers and create the best experience ever to enhance the blog.

What should an AMP Blogger template look like that you can easily customize for mobile devices with a professional style? These and other questions you will find by reading my post about the AMP templates I selected for your blog.

Before proceeding with the list and the choice of the best AMP Responsive Blogger Templates Free.

I want to get into the meaning of AMP: What is an AMP and how does it work, how is the AMP created? What does Google’s AMP do?

What do you get with an AMP? so you will have clear ideas on how to make the best use of your blog or website, e-Commerce etc.

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Top List Of Best AMP Blogger Template 2020

Based on these features and qualities, we have chosen the best free, carefully selected blogger templates that can be used in AMP.

With fast loading of pages, from any organization, and that is SEO-sensitive and compatible.

All the models chosen below are clean, fast, sensitive, SEO-friendly, and ads, and have a premium look.

1. NonameAMP Blogger Template

Noname AMP  Blogger Template

NonameAMP is a beautiful Amp Blogger Theme for Blogspot with a simple design. It is a template with a responsive, SEO friendly, exceptional and easy to configure the layout, in just a few seconds it loads pages with speed.

Key Features: AMP Ready All Pages, Mobile Friendly, Fully Responsive Design, Elegant Look, Fast loading, Footer Menu, High CTR, SEO Ready, Slot Ads Ready, HTML5, CSS3, Search Engine Optimization, Google Testing Validator, AMP Social Share Button, etc.

Noname AMP - AMP Blogger Template

2. Infinite AMP Blogger Template

Infinite AMP Responsive Theme, this is a beautiful model for bloggers, Limitless AMP, can be used to magazine items online. In terms of efficiency, fully responsiveness, and SEO-friendly, it is clean, has a streamlined look, and has several features that help it be fast.

Key Features: Responsive, Mobile Friendly, Google Testing Tool, Dynamic Heading, SEO Friendly, Valid Schema.org, Menu Navigation, Footer Menu, 2 Column, High CTR, Breadcrumbs, Related Posts, Social Share Button, etc.

Infinite AMP Blogger template

3. Vletters AMP Blogger Template

The Blogger Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) model is VlettersAMP. It’s a Friendly blogger template primary interface that can be loaded in seconds; it fits well to create Blog Magazine. Everyone is free to share. This model has been developed and modified to be super SEO-friendly and also mobile-friendly.

Key Features:

Mobile Responsive, Eye Social Sharing Buttons, Navigation Menu, Search Box, Related Post Widget, Faster Loads, For Adsense,
High CTR, Fast Loading, Seo Optimization and Valid Schema.org.

Vletters AMP Blogger Template

4. Infinite JLB AMP Blogger Template

Infinite JLB is a beautiful free AMP Blogger template created by the founder of the amp-blogger.com. Infinite JLB is a free theme that you can download for free to use. You are guided by its colour configuration of the user interface to make the platform more suitable for SEO Friendly.

Key Features: Responsive and Mobile Friendly, SEO Friendly, AMP HTML, Adsense Ready, Fully Responsive, Valid Schema.org, 2Column, Footer Menu, Social Share Button, Disqus Comments, Shortcodes and Google Testing Validator.

Infinite JLB AMP Blogger Template

5. Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

AMP Blanterdeamp Blogger Template this template version is explicitly designed SEO Optimization to allow Blogger Publishers to work with all AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) components available. In order to make your blog quicker.

This AMP template is built with a primary smartphone menu with many hover effects and a specific experience that is post-minimalist. This is a high-quality blogger prototype that looks very good and loads very quickly as well.

Key Features: Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly, AMP YouTube, Google Testing Tool Validator, Auto Readmore with Thumbnails, Fast Loading on mobile, AMP Slider Image, Laptop, Tablet, Laptop, Tablet, Related Posts with Thumbnails, AMP Share Button and AMP Slider Image.

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

6. OmViral Blogger Template

OmViral Blogger Template this theme was built on Google, is super light, with loads faster a variety of techniques to achieve excellent ratings, we also keep the AMP, standard of code and SEO in mind!

Key Features: Google Validation, Loading Speed, 2 Column, Fully Responsive, Google Validation, Error Page, Minimal, Read More With Thumbnail, Related Post, Clean Design, Custom Popular Post Widget, Stylish Social Widget, etc.!

Blanterde AMP Blogger Template

7. AMP HTML Blogger Template

AMP HTML has a primary two-column interface with a homepage style box design. It has an elegant and clean page layout.

This beautiful AMP HTML Template has a fast page loading time; it adapts perfectly to the customer’s needs. Its strong point.

Its strong point is the social buttons, Youtube video upload. It is a valid AMP HTML Template for Blogger / Blogspot.

Key Features: Fully Responsive, Clean Blog Design, AMP-Images, SEO Optimization,
Mobile friendly, Header search section, Breadcrumbs, Social media, Sharing Buttons, Loading Time, Ad ready, Loading Faster Pages, Disqus comment.

AMP HTML Blogger Template

8. Purple AMP HTML Blogger Template v1.0

Purple AMP HTML Blogger Template v1.0, is a Premium Responsive and Seo Friendly theme for Blogspot AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) business version templates.
The Purple AMP template has a clean and responsive design; you can create beautiful websites like News, Word, Health, Fashion, Music, Sport and Tech.
Purple AMP is for bloggers. Templates like Purple AMP, are designed, configured with updated templates for fast loading pages, SEO friendly and also mobile-friendly.

Purple AMP HTML Blogger Template v1.0

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Key Features: Responsive Design, Drop Menu, Search, AMP-Images, SEO Optimization, Mobile friendly, Header search section, Breadcrumbs, Social media, Sharing Buttons, Loading Time, Ad ready, Hack v3, Loading Faster Pages, Disqus comment.

Purple AMP HTML Responsive Blogger Template v1.0

9. SeoYard Blogger Template

Model Seoyard Blogger is a more common blogger with a highly optimized SEO structure and a quick loading interface. They are packed with a choice of high-quality options and widgets.
Built with precision, it has an Ads – friendly design that makes it neat, minimalist and elegant at the same time.
Allows you to create fantastic looking blogs for any niche. Ideal for blogs Blogger, such as news, tech, travel, blogs, latest trends, events, food, fashion, sports, video, health, etc.

SeoYard Blogger Template is a fast theme loading blogging Blogspot framework, clean and responsive with powerful SEO features and fast loading speed

10. Maple Blogger Template

Elegant Responsive Blogging Theme Maple is a direct, friendly, clean and modern blog which is ideal for writing your blogs. A lot of widgets, this theme is 100 % perfect responsive.
So it’s compatible with a lot of devices, there’s no need for coding because it’s customizable, so the search engine is optimized. Maple is the theme you’re going to need to buy.

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11. Mavitro Blogger Template

Mavitro is a blogger template developed especially for artistic and creative, clean, fashionable and news magazine bloggers.

It offers clean, confusing and beautiful minimalist layouts which make your content look great on any kind of device and layouts so that your content is shown. It’s great for news, blogs of magazines.

Key Features: Fully Responsive Design, Easy to Customize, Clean and Elegant Design, Clean Code with Comments, Powerfull Admin Panel, Custom Mobile Menu, Drop Down Menu, Social Icons Widget, Error Page, Ten Layout for Your Content, etc.

What is AMP?

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a lightweight, stripped-down open-source HTML framework developed by the AMP Open Source Project, created to improve the loading speed of web pages for mobile.

AMP pages identified because in Google searches made on mobile phones with a smartphone or tablet, the symbol of lightning accompanied by AMP initials appears.

Pages identified because in Google searches with a smartphone, the lightning symbol accompanied by the abbreviation AMP appears. The mobile user offers a much better experience: content is faster, more immersive and easier to read.

The characteristics of Google AMP pages

AMP pages reduce the loading speed of static content. The AMP JavaScript library allows you to render AMP HTML pages quickly, manage resource loading, and provide custom code tags.

Using the Google cache

Google AMP Cache, this proxy-based content delivery network loads AMP HTML pages and delivers them quickly and automatically. This is an optional option that, when enabled, allows you to take advantage of the HTTP 2.0 protocol to load documents, images and JavaScript files from the same source. The benefits of AMP pages only run asynchronous scripts – restriction to all third-party JavaScript code.

Use of built-in styles for CSS code. Priority to resource loading. Loading pages in the blink lightning. Elements that mean not only faster navigation but also a saving in data traffic for users.

In summary, the result is that user engagement on AMP sites is higher than on non-AMP sites, but organic traffic has also increased for most of the cases examined.

AMP Ranking Factor on Google?

Google says that AMP is not a ranking factor. Still, it is very relevant at this point; the benefits could come mainly from the overall improvement of the site performance and the mobile user experience, as well as from a faster loading and use speed. Furthermore, It is assumed that Google also uses some user engagement signals as a ranking factor, as the results of AMP implementations suggest.

The Factors of User Engagement

Google could use natural elements of the ranking as indicators of an improvement in the engagement of users of the site. In all cases, and regardless of the rules of the Google algorithm, what is proposed is that these metrics can influence areas that have become faster and therefore lead to an improvement in the ranking.

However, at the same time, there are no substantial impacts of AMP on the ranking and results of sites that already have good rankings. as well as on the effects of AMP, they can be different on the same websites.


Have you chosen which model to use? These are the 10+ best free blogger templates available and Premium to help you get better page loads for your new blogger blogpost.

The templates above are all responsive, ad ready, clean in design, and satisfy AMP pages.

So you can be sure. Better, select one of these templates from this list and create your website to promote your Blogger online.

10+ Best Free AMP Blogger Template 2020 To Boost Up blog Loading Speed

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