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Who I Am

The road to becoming a professional blogger is full of challenges. Difficulties range from using the right tone to convincing clients that you are worth their money. However, you can transform yourself from an obscure freelancer who discards for unprofitable jobs to an experienced professional who writes for his blog and copies for blue-chip companies. That’s why I created liamblogging101.com to guide future bloggers on how to make a career creating a website.

My Mission

To become a successful blogger, you have to be adaptable; you need to know the latest trends in content market strategy and the skills clients are looking for. You have to write content that millennials want to read and share. That means writing highly engaging content that has the potential to go viral.

My story

I am a professional with a solid reputation for excellent copywriting skills. During my 15 years in the writing industry, I have written content for major online publications and 50 companies. My excellent copywriting skills have attracted quotes from some of the most influential figures in freelance writing. Also, my portfolio includes a list of content that has collected hundreds of thousands of clicks and thousands of comments. After so many years I decided to start this adventure, here is my first blog, I will try to provide content that can quickly help readers to create successful websites, useful information and resources that help start new blogs.

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