8 Ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO

The development of search engine optimization popularity has spread a selected urgency on the way to optimize your blog posts to make seek engine friendly. To this end, techniques, guidelines and plugins have been developed.

We consider that, even if both large agencies and amateur blogs have conformed in optimizing the content material on a technical level, we must not now lose sight of the primary objective of a blog: to involve people who read it.

Of course, riding the wave of SERPs allows you to get large volumes of traffic, you need to create a website optimized for search engines. However, this is not what keeps users glued in front of the screen until the last word. Great content isn’t enough anymore, because Google is getting smarter every day. Today, to classify blog content, it needs to be properly structured for search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s take a look at seven essential tips for SEO excellence.

Tips To Optimize Your Blog Posts For SEO

How to optimize your blog posts for SEO also in a friendly way?

Utilize keywords to Create a Post

You are focusing on keywords too much to achieve a better Google ranking, and then it is high time you change your outlook. The latest Google updates indicate that a well researched and well-written blog post that has authentic information can easily acquire more top ranking. Besides, Google prefers directing visitors to content titles that precisely provide solutions to specific problems. To make your blog posts accessible, you have to page optimization focus more on informative writing and completely get rid of superficial content.

Do your research

Search engine optimization isn’t always about filling your content with essential phrases keywords. You can’t take for granted which you are an author and now not a search engine marketing expert. You cannot avoid responsibility or neglect SEO. You should learn to use the many free tools listed here as:

The Yoast SEO or Rank Math plugin can relieve you from many optimization concerns if you are running a WordPress blog.

Other paid SEO tools worth trying are:

Optimize your images

Let’s discover together the way to SEO optimization of your images. You need to optimize your images to make your blog or website usable and accessible to the people you want to reach. People who need to read the page in the best possible way. 

Attribute Alt Images 

The alt attribute is one of the primary elements to optimize images for Google because this text is read by search engines and linked to the visual that understands it. All this without counting that, coherently with W3C, the alt attribute is indispensable for the accessibility of a website. The text chosen provides a unique solution to images that do not appear on the page.

It is important to remember the keywords of the alt attribute. This is often an essential aspect of SEO image optimization.

What are images called for SEO?

Since Google is unable to recognize the visual, it doesn’t see it as content, and you’d like to be ready to clarify better what you’re putting on the page. Before uploading images, you should name the photos with keywords relevant to the text of the content, separated by hyphens. Then meaningless series of letters and numbers are forbidden, and well-designed SEO image optimization keywords are welcome. Use only keywords, remove everything associated with articles and prepositions, and also remove punctuation and special characters.

Build Your Blog Identity to Make It Popular

Gone are the blogging days when you were only required to create a compelling piece of content, hit the publish button to make the blog go viral. Nowadays, if you want to make money, you must run your blog like a business from day one. Google no more likes fictitious blogs, and if your blog is missing your contact information or a proper writer profile, then Google might not recommend it. In addition to creating great content, focus on establishing a brand, possibly by adding a logo, creating an attractive tag line, displaying your contact information correctly, and you should also invest in a reliable host for your internet blog to perform well.

Make Your Blog Look Good

You need to make your blog look excellent and user friendly. If the design of your blog is too complicated with no proper navigation, then it can confuse visitors, and in turn, this will affect your Google ranking. Also, note that Google wants your blog to be mobile-friendly. Make your blog design such that anyone browsing from a mobile device can do so without disruption.

Optimize Your Blog for Voice Search

Really! Yes, the prediction is that by the end of 2020, almost 50% of online searches will be voice queries. So, you must consider the voice search technology if you want your blog to be popular. To optimize your weblog publish for voice search, you want to rephrase your content in such a way that it solutions questions simplest associated with the keyword.

Different Types of Digital Content

Blogging continues to be much more competitive and complicated. You can’t merely survive by creating a blog, so you must create other forms of excellent digital content. Such content includes infographics, case studies, interactive content, attractive images, Pinterest pins, research data, live chats, GIFs, webinars, and so on.

For a new blogger, it’s hard to create such a diverse range of content, but you can choose a few ideal options depending on your interest. You can also create a downloadable template or a free eBook and use it as a lead magnet to add more subscribers to your blog blogging.

Social Selling Is the Key to Make Your Blog Popular

Managing a blog is just like taking a small business for a walk. To make money from it, you want to use social promotion. Social selling is based on building a date to consider with your target group. Most companies have adopted this trend to get leads and qualified sales.

You can do this by engaging in meaningful conversation, such as giving a valuable opinion on a selected topic to answer questions. If done correctly, social promotion can help create a blog follower who trusts your word. Why not try free and effective programs such as Hootsuite and Scoop.it can help you post links to your blog post securely on all your social media sites with a simple click of the mouse.

You need to be patient and regular to get effects from social selling on this crowded virtual space.

Final Words

Last but not least, by performing these simple SEO tips, you serve your audience with valuable content and, above all, you will have an increase in SERPs rankings. If your audience finds value in your posts, it will help you spread the word. Share your knowledge, and your efforts will be rewarded! With a little effort, you will be able to get a more prominent ranking in search engine results pages.

8 Ways to optimize your blog posts for SEO

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