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A selection of some of the best WordPress themes in 2020 to redesign your website. We tend to summarize our favourite WordPress themes and templates to update your website.


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Elegant Themes divi

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Everything that I have learned over many years as a blogger can be summed up in only one piece of advice:

That advice is that you need to blog like a startup, not just like a writer.

If your ambitions are trough the roof, and you’re ready to learn how to make websites making some life-changing severe amount of money, you need to stop writing and start making plans on how to develop systems that are going to turn your blogs into serious business, rather than just a hobby.

This might seem like a fairy tale, but trust me, I have spent quite sometime around content teams in some pretty high-growth startup environments. Not only that I’ve been around them, but I managed a few of those teams above that have become very successful. Do you want to know what I’ve learned from all this experience?

You need to scale!

Once I took my advice, and I started treating my blog as a real business, I managed to trade the role of a tortured and tired writer for one of a CEO. Are you eager to know how I managed to do that? We will get there, don’t be impatient.

Before we get into any serious “discussion”, Almost every blogging advice that you can find is seriously outdated.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you find it suspicious that almost 95% of bloggers are failing simply because they’re getting advice from the same old “experts” that have been doing this since 2010. I mean, I can’t blame them, they’re simply victims of the aforementioned “experts” who lied to them that they’ll be productive and successful if they followed their tips.

That’s why you need to be smarter than this. You can’t follow into their trap and trust them when they say that all you need to do to succeed is to find your passion, write about it, create fresh and unique content, stay consistent, etc. Maybe these tips seem decent and viable at first, but, if you do decide to follow them, you’ll be broke before you even get a chance to start making money from ads, affiliate links, digital products, etc.

Grow your website.

If you decide to take my advice, and you genuinely want to scale your blog just like a startup, you should probably forget about writing almost entirely. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t update your valuable content for SEO or some research when it comes to keywords. On the contrary, those are the things you need to master. What I wanted to say is that your growth will suffer if you decide to keep writing every first draft yourself.

This is the main reason why I’ve decided to create this blog. I wanted to show to all the up and coming bloggers that they need to abandon all of the old advice that’s slowing their progress down. But, considering that many people aren’t familiar with digital advice tactics, and all of the things necessary to make it work, I’m not that surprised, to be honest.

To give your morale a boost, I will hint that instead of receiving some income after long two years, like in the “old days”, you can expect some severe money after only 3-6 months of hard and smart work. That is, if you decide to follow my advice, and start applying some startup growth tactics, such as:

Learning how to analyze the market to find out what is the product demand so that you can choose your niche correctly and that you can increase your revenue potential by selling to businesses.

How to start thinking like a CEO shift your focus from writing to scaling your business.

Analyzing your blog’s traffic to choose the right method of monetization. Also, you’ll learn how to start making money even if you have no audience.

This whole process can be brought down to these very three things, which is hugely fortunate since we’re talking about the very things I’m pretty good at:

Step 1: Launch Your Website

Considering I’ve launched over a hundred websites, I think I’m the right person to help you with choosing your very own niche, flawlessly plan your content strategy, find the very best hosting, etc. We won’t waste any time, and we’ll start with an SEO-optimized, speedy blog that will make you some fast money. The reason why I’m mentioning this is to remind you that we’re starting a real business here, not just an ordinary blog.

Step 2: Climb Your Growth

As I stated before, I have spent quite some time around high-growth startups, powerful influencers, bloggers, etc. to help them grow their audiences. That’s precisely what I plan on doing with you too. We’re talking about building your very own Domain Authority, writing and pitching guests posts, collaborating with influencers, the whole package.

Step 3: Monetize Faster

Only by leveraging some of the forms of monetization at the very beginning of this whole process, you can funnel that much money into your content machine, which will automatically help you earn more money even faster. The best part about this is that this income isn’t only from ads, online courses, affiliate links, etc. It’s also from various real-world consulting strategies that you can start using from day one.

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